Planting Advice

Planting Instructions for planting your new bare root hedge

Once you have received delivery of your order please unpack and water immediately. Please do not leave your bare root plants exposed. If not planting immediately, dig a small shallow trench and cover the roots with soil so the plants don’t dry out and stay healthy in preparation for planting.

Preparation - Start by removing grass and weeds along your planting strip. This can be achieved by spraying a herbicide, digging or mechanical turf lifter (most hire shops supply). We recommend digging over the ground to improve the soil structure. You can achieve this by digging over or using a mechanical rotavator.

Before planting ensure that the ground is not waterlogged or that there is any frost within it.

If you have decided to purchase root grow, now is the time to make up your mixture and dip your roots in.

With bare root plants, we recommend digging a trench, placing the plants to the required spacing and backfill with soil. If you are planting a staggered row of bare root plants, usually 5 per metre, from experience we find it easier to plant the entire back row first, 40 cm apart, then plant the front row in a zig zag pattern.

Once planted, firm around each plant and water.

While you are planting, keep any remaining plants in a bag, or in a bucket of water to prevent drying out.

We recommend applying a mulch around the base of your hedge to prevent competition from grass and weeds.

We wish you every success with growing your new hedge.

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